Tuesday, 15 May 2018

It's been a long time ...

Confidence - we so frequently as teachers and school leaders ask kids and our staff to step out of their comfort zone and I must admit I am reluctant to do so! I was challenged around this today after a discussion focussing sharing via our blog and I reflected on how frequently I have written and failed to post ...so time to turn this draft into a published post!

So back to my own Inquiry ...todays Inquiry discussion was focussed around the monitoring phase of Inquiry.  The teacher as the focus ...what have you changed in your teaching? How are we monitoring Inquiries?? Lots of good questions were raised and I reflected that whilst I had done a huge amount of thinking and wondering which direction my Inquiry should take, and at the same time have continued to monitor and watch the development of other Inquiries throughout the school, I had not settled on an 'Action Plan for my own!

It seems to me that the Mentoring Model applied throughout the DMIC PD has been applied as an effective way of working collaboratively to share and shift pedagogy.

So what's the Problem??  Our DMIC Mentor will come and go, so we need to have a way of continuing to build on this throughout the school.

So my plan is to investigate 'What  the Mentoring Model looks like in action' and then how can we apply it throughout the school so that we can sustain and continue to share  the good practise that comes not only  from DMIC but whether we could apply this model more widely?

Next steps - make time to observe the DMIC Mentoring to see what I can glean from that model of working. Read more on the actual Mentoring side of this model and find out where else it has been used and to what effect.

Ko te tamaiti, te putake o te kaupapa
The child, the heart of the matter ...

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