Sunday, 6 March 2016

Strive to Succeed

Once again I am reminded today of the complexities of pushing for change, trying to turn the tide to raise student achievement.

Many long hours have been spent analysing the data - looking at research feedback and wondering what next...

One of our big issues is our boys - our data reflects a National trend of the boys making progress at a similar rate to our girls, but their achievement levels are still overall significantly lower.
So my inquiry this year will aim to delve further in to what works for our boys.
Are there learning areas or levels within the school that they make greater progress in?  What works for them ... and which interventions or resources are needed to close the gap?

To add to the mix, I was interested to read in the  Education Gazette recently an article by Daniel Sobel which discusses the difficulty in gathering and collating the 'soft data'. Whilst we all know and agree that there are numerous factors that impact a students progress this area is much harder to analyse.

So the other prong to my inquiry is how we as a school can apply the same diligence to the capturing of some of our soft data so that we may best understand our students needs.