Tuesday, 18 October 2016

A Timely Reminder!

An Observation Survey of Early Literacy Achievement 

Today I attended a course around  the 'How to' but more importantly  the effective use of the Observation Survey. This was run by Jill Stephenson and Nicki  Hillyer.

It was great to have a refresher of this and be reminded of the power of observing a child’s early literacy skills and the ultimate purpose of this. Carefully recorded observations can lead us to modify our instruction to meet the learning needs ...' (Clay. 2005) 

This also covered an in depth analysis of the Running Records. Another great reminder about the real place of a running record in this time as we are leading up to testing and gathering summative information I was reminded of the value of this as a formative tool and the huge amount of information that one can gain from the assessment tool. Also some interesting discussion around the tools that we use. More food for thought!

So refreshed and ready to observe ... next step is to practise ….