Tuesday, 26 July 2016

The Juggling Act ...

What a Mixed Bag
I started off the Term with a look at among other things - the data.  It was my intention to spend time during the term looking at the various intervention programmes we have in place and to ensure that  our highest needs groups are being catered for with appropriate intervention programmes.

I ended the term reflecting more on the role that I fulfilled and Leadership ... so here goes

Reflections of an Acting Principal

Wow what a term it was! I was lucky enough to get to take over the reigns for a while and try to fill - no correction, attempt to juggle the many and varied aspects of a portion of the job.

Amongst other things one of my greatest 'take outs' for the Term was ...

I know this will sound very cliche but - 'it takes a team". I learnt the true value of collaboration and that knowing when to ask for help rather than trying to do it all myself was hugely important ..

Secondly ...it takes a team ...I was blessed to be left with structures and routines already in place.

My job was not to lead or have all the answers, it was to continue to work collaboratively with the fantastic Team that has been created. To let the experts teach, the planners plan, the inquirers inquire and to be a sounding board for the many and varied things that cropped up for kids, their whanau and our staff both professionally and personally.

And yes I enjoyed it very much!!

My greatest reflection I guess is around the traits that I value of a Leader ... I have frequently been asked about what it is that makes Pt England special and yes it is the Team - we have an amazing team of talented people that are happy to step up and share in the responsibility. So besides a few sleepless nights it was a great term!!

Schoolwide Support

A belated post ... A recent look (actually not so recent now) at our Priority groups and learners who were below the National Standard across the schools showed the huge need to ensure equity and to try and close the gap between the boys and girls.

If teachers are to be able to cater appropriately, give the time and effort for  these learners then we must ensure that our programmes to cater for the kids that need extra support are appropriate and available for kids at every level.

So the idea was that my Inquiry for Term 2 would involve looking and considering the following ...

Have we got the right support across the school and how can we review this regularly?

Continuing to track these priority learners and actually identify who they are - put names to the groups.

Continue to explore new programmes and look at their effectiveness for our special groups.

Ensure that our highest needs learners have their IEP's updated regularly with access to appropriate support services.